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Science is Fun

Science is Fun


  • Rs 50000

Make science cool with this immersive and fun weekend experience for the entire family Create amazing and magical moments where science collides with curiosity and imagination. The mission is to provide a positive and powerful experience for every child in a unique outdoor setting.


Weekends 10am to 4:30pm

Age Group

4 years - 10 years


ecoMUKTI (email, twitter)


Roopantara Learning Center
61/2, Byagadadenahalli,
off Anekal Main Road,
5 kms from Chandapura Cicle,
Bangalore, PIN 562106

Experiment Zone

Experiment Zones

Volcano basics, build and erupt your own volcano. Ten tricks with an egg. Pulley system. Terrarium basics

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Fun way learn to read a map and solve puzzles

Science based games

Science based games

Play games while learning simple scientifc facts

1) Most of the food served is organically grown at Roopantara and picked fresh from the field. Nutritious, vegetarian meals are served.
2) In keeping with the Roopantara philosophy, we do not allow the use of any kind of smoking, alcohol or drugs on campus.

  • We hope you feel at home at Roopantara and will help keep it clean as it is your home away from home, you are welcome to pick veggies that are ready, to take home
  • Roopantara offers a modest, rustic, space where families and friends can spend quality time together.
  • Amita, Badi and their daughters Dia and Ciana hope everyone who visits Roopantara will feel it's their 'home away from home'.

Science Is Fun

Kids and families had a great time throwing eggs for our 'eggsperiments', kids pulled their parents up with the 'pulleys', learnt how to make a terrarium, conducted a mini explosion with our hand made volcanoes, made edible, all natural play-doh and went on a treasure hunt!

Roopantara - Center for Learning

Amita and Badi are on a journey - to set up Roopantara - a Center for Learning. Their inspiration is their two daughters - their creativity, love for children, animals and nature and their thirst to learn, in an open and loving environment.

Roopantara, literally “inner transformation” is a space for schooling and after-school; for weekend workshops, camps, for home schooling parents who would like to be a part of a short term program or project for their children and a space for day/weekend visits by schools, families and groups.

Roopantara also heartily welcomes those who would like to come and conduct workshops and use this space in line with the vision of Roopantara.

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