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Outdoor Experiential Learning


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Outdoor Experiential Learning @ Sterling Terraces

FeetOffGround and Ficus Ideas have discovered a synergy in working with children - to bring out the best in them using outdoors as a tool. Their Vision and Mission is to enable children to tap into their unique self and grow exponentially from there; through outdoor experiential learning. This program is based on the following principles:

  • Inward Flowering * - Bringing out what they are born to be; in other words building them for success just by being who they are. *J Krishnamurthy
  • ‘Learn to Learn’ - focusing on how to learn rather than what to learn.



Apr 25 to Apr 29 Daily 4 hrs

Age Group

6 years and above (Boys and Girls)


ecoMUKTI (call, email, twitter)


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A Block Field @ Sterling Terraces Apartment
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085



Basic, intermediate and advanced skill coaching



Physical Fitness and Stamina

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Knowing and understanding the rules and regulations

Expected Program Outcome

Risk taking

  • Understanding fear being comfortable with it and working towards accepting it, and not allowing it to stop you.
  • Learning to listen
  • Leaning to be responsible and accountable towards the task at hand, towards others and towards themselves.
  • Learning to trust
  • Understanding what it means to Lead
Being a Responsible citizen
  • Being compassionate to yourself, to people around you and to the Earth you live on.


Introduction to Climbing

Installing the Mini Mighty and basic introduction to climbing to children at Ranka Heights at Domlur Bangalore. 12 feet wide x 10 feet high, made from all aluminium.

Slack Lining

Bringing balance to an unbalanced world!

FeetOffGround - Love for Adventure and the Outdoors

FeetOffGround is a concept born out of the sheer love for adventure and the outdoors. We are climbers at heart and would like to get everyone to experience the joy of climbing first hand. Be it on natural rock or on our custom made sport climbing/bouldering walls or on our unique high/medium rope courses.

We believe in the advantage of an early start to a sport and the impact that early exposure to good experiences can have on a young mind. So, we work with children, both to introduce them to the sport of rock climbing and to provide a safe platform for children to experience the outdoors. We have designed and built many kid specific walls and play systems and we use our expertise in the outdoors to enable them to become better individuals through outdoor and wilderness experiences.

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