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Empowering To Lead

Empowering To Lead


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Science of Happiness Workshop

In our minds, happiness is tied to success. We think, 'once I'm successful, I'll be happy'. In fact, it is often the other way around and that happiness leads to success. Happy people are generally more productive, creative and effective, and are therefore far more likely to succeed. Research shows that being calm, happy and energized are the top three traits of successful leaders. Join this three-hour workshop on the Science of Happiness with Suman Ghose, founder of Inroads leadership Development, as he sheds light on recent findings in neuroscience and positive psychology about the Science of Happiness. Through various case studies, videos and activities, learn more about happiness, its ingredients and how you can benefit by applying this learning to your own leadership style.

We equip young adults to achieve great performance and meaningful growth through immersive workshops on life skills. There is a lack of much-needed life skills in the educational and corporate realm. This gave birth to a vision to empower and train future leaders. Soft skills or life skills is associated with a person's "EQ" or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. It is a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people.

These workshops provides experiential learning though effective use of storytelling, role plays, videos etc. to make them high on impact & learn while having fun. Along with high impact, they are also high on energy which appeals to the emotions, inspires and transforms.


31st Oct, 2015. Saturday from 1030 to 1330

Age Group

16 years and above


ecoMUKTI (email, twitter)


Kynkyny Art, #104, Embassy Square 148,
Infantry Road,
Bengaluru - 560001

On Land

On Land

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Power Of Trust

This workshop delves into various aspects of trust, traits, pillars of trust and how to build them effectively. This knowledge will pave the way for you to create great relationships in your personal and professional lives.

Power Of Mind

The power of mind shares techniques which are practicle, simple yet powerful and easy to implement. With the help of these neuro science technequies this session will help you keep focused, have a peaceful mind and be successful and happy.

Inroads - Empowering to Lead...

The Story of the Founders

After having graduated out of IIT & IIM, they grew as IT professionals and over the years rose to senior leadership positions in various multi-national companies.

With all the ‘hard’ skills under their belt the leaders realized that there was a lack of much-needed life skills in the educational and corporate realm. This gave birth to a vision to empower and train future leaders.

They founded Inroads Leadership Development.

Core Values

  • Simplicity - We believe less is more
  • Excellence - We make it our habit
  • Integrity - It's who we are