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Curious Science

Curious Science


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We want to take children beyond the world of books and the four walls of the classroom and let them experience science first hand by working on simple experiments and scientific concepts. Following the great Physicist Richard Feynman who once said "I cannot understand what I cannot create”. Science is not merely a set of subjects filled with theory and equations, but that it is also a creative field of study. We attempt to get the children to create their own little moments of scientific discovery, their own little moments of WOW. We work with the children to explore the nature of science through observation, questioning and experimentation. "Understanding how to do science" is what we focus on as an underlying theme in all our sessions. Hence, the children are encouraged to learn through a process of self discovery.


Weekends 10am to 4:30pm

Age Group

6 years - 12 years


ecoMUKTI (email, twitter)


#710, 6th B Cross,
3rd Block,
Koramangala, ,
Bangalore - 560034

Experiment Zone

Experiment Zones

Exploration and experimentation on their own

Basic Principles

Basic Principles

Understand some basic principles of science

Science based games

Science based games

Play games while learning simple scientifc facts

1) Rather than focus on a topic or attempt to teach them a scientific principle, we use topics to get the children to take a different approach to learning. One in which, instead of asking, "How can I do this?” a kid asks "Can I do this?”

2) The idea is to introduce the children to a topic - be it chromatography, photography, animal behaviour or estimations and get them to come up with creative solutions to problems set in this area.

3) Some of the exercises are designed to make the children solve mechanical problems which then gives them a chance to redesign their models after an initial test. The idea is not for them to learn the words "force, or fulcrum, or velocity", but to allow them to be creative, and understand these forces and balances, with an objective in mind. We hope this will later come to their mind when they study forces and vectors as part of their regular curriculum.

Bio Trip to Masinagudi

Curiouscity's field trips are typically "a fun filled, hands-on program which is designed to tweak a child's curiosity."

Curiouscity - Creating Scientific Temperament

We attempt to get the children to create their own little moments of scientific discovery, their own little moments of WOW.

We deliver innovative, hands-on activities related to science, which are educational, as well as challenging and fun.

Offering kids the possibility of exploration and experimentation on their own. This is what we call "Creating Scientific Temperament" amongst children. This is done in an interactive, challenging, and fun filled way.

We provide a framework whereby we introduce an idea and then allow children to work in groups, (which also helps them to get over any fear of not knowing an answer), to solve problems or facilitate the movement of the class based on their questions and interests even if it does not move in the direction we planned for. Doing so nurtures the child's natural curiosity and allows them the freedom to think through their own solutions, many of which we are often amazed by.

We have designed over 30 workshops with the aim of getting the children to experiment and learn basics of science techniques through experimentation, analysis and observation. The binding factor in each is that the children investigate while we facilitate.

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