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Camp BizSmart - Bengaluru

Camp BizSmart & ecoMUKTI

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Inspiring the next generation of leaders, dreamers and entrepreneurs.

Innovate your way to win a full tuition scholarship for a hands on Camp BizSmart 2018 Entrepreneurship Workshop @ Stanford or Santa Clara University. The Camp BizSmart Global - Bengaluru Experience is an immersive 3 day experience that offers youth an opportunity to apply their imagination towards important social problems. This internationally acclaimed program will be held in Bengaluru and will be conducted by Camp BizSmart, the premier entrepreneur academy for ages 11 – 19, they were named by CNN Money as one of the five most unique camps in the U.S.

Camp Director - Elian Savodiviker (Camp BizSmart, San Jose, US)

Limited Seats!!! Do not miss this chance to Gift / Buy this experience for a child as it has the ability to transform their future.

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Camp BizSmart

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Date Time Description
Day 1, Nov 10th, 2017 1700 - 2000 Registration, Networking, Identifying Skills and Assets, Team Building.
Day 2, Nov 11th, 2017 0800 - 1800 Problem Introduction, Solution / Design / Business Ideas
Day 3, Nov 12th, 2017 0800 - 2100 Solution / Design / Business Ideas / Pitch Presentation / Awards


ecoMUKTI (call, email, twitter)

Age Group

11 years - 17 years


Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071

Day 1 - Nov 10th, 2017. Friday
Time Description
1700 - 1800 Registration and Networking
1800 - 1900 Participants identify their skills and assets (resolving into specialist roles)
1900 - 2000 Team Building, Forming, Storming & Norming cases and Exercises

Day 2 - Nov 11th, 2017. Saturday
Time Description
O800 - 0830 Participant Drop off
0830 - 0930 Introduction to problem statement and Q&A
0930 - 1030 Solutioning / Design / Business Ideas [Q&A]
1030 - 1045 Tea Break
1045 - 1145 Solutioning / Design / Business Ideas [Q&A]
1145 - 1230 Lunch
1230 - 1500 Solutioning / Design / Business Ideas [Q&A]
1500 - 1515 Tea break
1515 - 1800 Solutioning / Design / Business Ideas [Q&A]

Day 3 - Nov 12th, 2017. Sunday
Time Description
O800 - 0830 Participant Drop off
0830 - 1030 Solutioning / Design / Business plan
1030 - 1045 Tea break
1045 - 1200 Solutioning / Design / Business plan
1200 - 1245 Lunch
1245 - 1630 Pitch presentation preparation
1630 - 1700 Tea Break. Judges Arrive.
1700 - 1900 Final Pitch Presentation
1900 - 2100 Arrival of Parents, Hi-Tea, Awards and Closing

Program Highlights
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Parents of young children who enjoy jogging & walking at all times of day various weather conditions need a way to light the stroller to be more visible to cars and pedestrians to increase safety. Design a new and innovative lighting device/product for children’s strollers, that will significantly increase safety.

Vintage Electric

Electric Bikes are a fast growing segment of the energy efficiency market. In order to vastly increase usage and convenience, portable, alternative energy charging stations will be required to take this exciting new form of transportation to the next level. Design a totally new, unique and easy to use alternative energy charging device that is as cool as the bike itself.

Ekso Bionics

Design a wearable bionic suit for able bodied individuals to augment human mobility and capability. This bionic robotic device should be designed to augment & enhance their physical ability to significantly increase strength & endurance while protecting their bodies from stress & strain.

Camp BizSmart - Entrepreneurship Academy

Experience the Camp BizSmart Difference

  • The Camp BizSmart Product Design & Business Plan Entrepreneurship Academy is a fun, intensive, experience for ages 11 – 17.
  • We develop skills that help prepare students from 11-17 to become the creators of the world’s next great products and companies.
  • A leading Industrial Design company mentors students in the product design and pitch competition.
  • Young aspiring entrepreneurs work directly with ecoMUKTI and Camp BizSmart strategic business sponsors.
  • Develop your “ZOG”, the “Zest, Optimism and Grit” essential to survive and thrive in the 22nd century global marketplace.
  • Teams pitch their innovative product solutions to sponsers to be named the top team.
  • Have fun and change the world at Camp BizSmart, recognized by CNN Money and other leading media experts as the “Most Unique” and top entrepreneurship experience in the world.

Gain Valuable Real-world Skills

  • Students experiment with the latest business methods and design tools, and get personal experience working with company founders and CEOs.
  • At the beginning of each camp, students form dedicated teams to work together solving actual business problems.
  • As they work on products from innovative companies, they learn entrepreneurship skills, product design, and business plan essentials.
  • Students learn how to make a preliminary design sketch, do marketing analysis, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, compile a financial spreadsheet, and make collaborative decisions.
  • The entire curriculum is designed to foster leadership, public speaking, design thinking, and collaborative teamwork.
  • It’s intensive learning, but appropriate for students who are imaginative and full of big ideas.

Learn from Proven Leaders

  • Students interact with real venture investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, in a creative, stimulating setting.
  • Business leaders from leading-edge companies speak with students about the latest technology trends that will change the world.
  • Students also present their solutions in person to angel investors and executives from top companies.

Graduate Ready for Success

  • Students graduate with a product design and business plan portfolio; professional, full-color product renderings; and the tools to excel at starting their own business.
  • Leave more prepared, in the words of the late Steve Jobs, to “put a ding in the universe.”.

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