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Adventure Sports and Nature Awareness


  • Rs 13,00000

Happiness, peace, mental revitalisation and the feeling of achievement are, a few goodness that an adventurer gains. This goodness increases when done as a team. This is what we do here in NOPASNA The Adventure People .... We are on a mission to Identify the most relevant and appropriate spots for different adventure events. Maintain the quality and standard of the services, equipments and the management at par with the international standards and Follow the rules of nature so that it remains NATURAL for ever. Come and join us for an experience that will last a lifetime.

Camp Horizon’-explore yourself - Unravel your physical, emotional and mental.

Target Shooting, Archery, Sport Wall Climbing, Dynamic Obstacle Course, Rope Course, Rappelling and Rock Climbing, Overnight Camping, First Aid Training, Swimming , Yoga, Personality Development, Life/Soft Skills, Fun Games, Star Gazing, Cooking and many more.


18th April to 29th April (12 Days)

Age Group

12 to 18 years


ecoMUKTI (call, email, twitter)


Treamis World School,
Near Electronics City,

On Land

On Land

Mountain Expeditions, Trekking, Climbing, Ice Skating ...

Aero Sports

Aero Sports

Para-sailing, Hand-gliding, Microlite Flying, Hot Air Balooning ...



Awareness, Bird Watching, Wildlife Census and Observation, Workshops ...

Please contact ecoMUKTI to schedule this experience

Step 1) Purchase a Gift Voucher (Spark, Flame or Fire).

Step 2) Work with ecoMUKTI to decide the experience and schedule a date and time.

Step 3) Pay the difference or use the remaining amount towards another experience.

Step 4) Ecjoy the experience and come back for MORE .....

This is a great experience to gift and enjoy with family.

Over Night Camp

Over Night Camp Of Vibgyor High School Students organised at Mango Mist. The students enjoyed pitching their own tents, various team building activities, rope course, swimming etc.


  • Democrating Adventure Sports and Nature Awareness by taking it to the doorsteps of the Learners & Public.
  • Providing Access to Adventure sports to all who seek it irrespective of age, region, religion and gender.
  • Offer Different Adventure Camps & Programs for Diversification & Upgradation of Skills ,Behaviour , Attitude & Knowledge to enrich one's Health, Nature and Environment.
  • To give an opportunity to get exposed to the Nature's beauty and create an environment which maximizes peoples comfort and enjoyment of living.
  • Economy Development.

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