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Wildlife and conservation biology

Wildlife and conservation biology

The Gerry Martin Project

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We want to take children beyond the world of books and the four walls of the classroom and let them experience science first hand by working on simple experiments and scientific concepts. Following the great Physicist Richard Feynman who once said "I cannot understand what I cannot create”. Science is not merely a set of subjects filled with theory and equations, but that it is also a creative field of study. We attempt to get the children to create their own little moments of scientific discovery, their own little moments of WOW. We work with the children to explore the nature of science through observation, questioning and experimentation. "Understanding how to do science" is what we focus on as an underlying theme in all our sessions. Hence, the children are encouraged to learn through a process of self discovery.

Young Naturalist Camps
Location: TGMP's Centre for Conservation & Education, Rathnapuri, Hunsur
Transport: Travel between Bangalore and the campus is included in the cost of the program. The group will meet at The Martin Farm (Sarjapur Road) at 6:00am on the start date of the camp and the children will be back at the same location by 4:00pm on the last day. We will have members of faculty traveling with the children.
Accommodation: Stay will be in gender specific wooden cabins. These are family cabins and each can accommodate up to five children. There is a separate toilet and shower block. Weather permitting, there will be one night of camping out in tents during each camp.
Food: We have Indian & western meals and serve both vegetarian & non vegetarian options. Snacks, fruits and juices will be served between activities.
Faculty: Gerry Martin, Sumanth Madhav and Chandini Chhabra will lead the camps with the support of additional faculty for specific skills & activities. There will be an adult to child ratio of 1:7.


4 night options - 4th to 8th April, 18th to 22nd April
2 night options - 13th to 15th April

Age Group

8 years - 14 years


ecoMUKTI (call, email, twitter)


The Martin Farm
33, Carmelaram Post,
Sarjapur Road,
Bangalore - 560035

TGMP's Centre for Conservation & Education



Explore Nature



Techniques in ecological research



Wildlife and conservation biology

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Raptors and Rainforests

Build the skills to be a young wildlife biologist! Track wildlife, learn field techniques in ecological research, basics in nature photography and safety while out in the forests.

The Double Helix

Delve into what makes us, learn about various species, be a forensic detective, extract plant DNA, learn how to reconstruct the past and discover the wealth of information in our genes.

Extra Terrestrial

A look into outer space! Kids will get to build their own telescopes, learn astronomy, be astronauts, fix a space shuttle in mid air and much more!

The Four Elements

The magic of science and nature! Explore the chemistry, biology and physics of earth, air, water and fire. Walk under water, don’t fear the flame, learn the physics behind animal adaptations to work with the elements- an incredibly exciting experience of what we see all around us everyday.

Survival Quest

Become a true wilderness explorer! Learn the skills of surviving with very little out in the bush. Learn how to build shelters, find and cook food in the wild and protect ourselves from the elements and wildlife. Animal tracking, rope skills and much more!

The Gerry Martin Project - conservation entrepreneurship

Mission Statement
TGMP will create a dynamic, interactive and committed network that will bolster its values and vision.
It will identify, harness and enable action-oriented research in wildlife and the environment.
It will harness communities to work towards focused, sustainable and replicable conservation through inclusive programs and processes.

Focused on demonstrating that one can make a living out of responsible conservation based business and service.

Bringing together skills in wildlife rescue, education and training, TGMP works concertedly at developing umbrella solutions for communities living in or near rural and wilderness areas.

Engaging and transforming Government schools to enabling remote communities to mitigate conflict with wildlife.

We follow a philosophy that is engaging, inclusive and staunchly pragmatic, based on the needs and demands of rural communities.

We strive to establish self-sustainability in all our work and projects so as not to create a dependence on external agencies. To this end, TGMP raises its own funds through ecological services, rigidly responsible eco-tourism, school camps and consultancies.

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