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Walking with Tales, Myths and Miracles

Walking with Tales, Myths and Miracles


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Enjoy walks and tours at your convenience: a short and lovely neighbourhood trail within Bangalore, a day-long thematic city tour, a weekend trip to a heritage site, or a custom tour for your family and friends. Whatever your preference you will get a fulfilling travel experience, filled with tales, myths and even miracles.


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Age Group

This is for the entire family, All Ages are Welcome


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In and Around Bengaluru

City Walks

City Walks

Through by-lanes with hundreds of years of rich history



Hand-crafted collection of places to see, dine, shop, rest or rejuvenate.

Need to know

  • Our city walks are typically private walks, designed to suits the needs and preferences of the groups joining us on these walks.
  • The duration of a walk is approximately 3 hours. However, it is not an athletic event. We will not be walking the entire time. Each walk will be relaxed and 'unhurried', with numerous stops and can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Please wear comfortable walking footwear. However, be prepared to leave your footwear outside while entering temples that may be part of the walk.
  • While most of the walk is in public property, please also be prepared to adhere to explicit terms of private property we enter like restaurants, etc.
  • Most walks include a short meal. Be open to trying out various south Indian specialties. However, if you are allergic to anything, please write to us in advance, so we may be able to guide you accordingly.
  • During summers (April — June), please carry sun protective gear like sunglasses, caps/hats/umbrellas, etc. In fact, during monsoons (June-August) too, an umbrella or a cap could shelter you both from the sudden rain and the strong sun.
  • Carry a bottle of water to keep you hydrated at all times.
  • Most areas we walk through may be crowded. Please be careful of personal belongings while on the walk.
  • Please take care to arrive at the given time. It is you who will miss out on parts of your plan if you are late. No refunds will be encouraged later.

Cubbon Park Walk

It was a great walk in a lovely climate and a nice intro about the park, I personally thank [Unhurried] for this great walk. This was really a good initiative, being born in Bangalore and even visiting Cubbon park for more than 100 times with my friends and family, I was just unaware of anything about my city. This gave me the chance to see the Park from a completely different angle, surrounded by birds, trees, flowers that too in he early morning. By discovering fascinating facts about its history and transformation.

Bungalow Walk

We had a "unhurried" tour of Richard's Town, we learned and relearned a lot of old Bangalore history—especially the Great Divide between the traditional Bangalore and the English occupied Cantonment and Bangalore East areas. One had the temples in profusion and the other old churches. As an old resident of the western part of Bangalore (1950s through the 1970s at different times) I thoroughly enjoyed the walk through memory lane - especially when the tour ended at Paul Fernandes' excellent art gallery of Bangalore paintings.

Unhurried - Travel with tales, myths and miracles

Any city is best discovered on feet; walking through by-lanes, taking in the sights, smelling the fragrances, hearing subtle sounds, without the hustle-bustle of a busy day. Experience an 'unhurried' walk, almost in slow motion, while the city around you races past. Join us on a trail of your choice.

Every piece of land we use, every plant and every insect, every spice we add to our meal, every film made, every song sung, every poem written is the city's treasure. This is what we've inherited from people who lived here before us.

Every city has its own unique history, influences of rulers from the past, little quirks and distinct idiosyncrasies that can't be understood if you didn't walk in the shoes of those who did before you. At Unhurried, we aim to take you along the city's life through stories from the past, to show you what you often see in a new light, to encourage you to empathize with the Bangalore you engage with everyday.

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